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Power Tech Couple

Reducing taxes, managing equity compensation, and saving for their future.

The Challenge:

Yara and Alex are in their mid 30s and both work for public tech companies. In addition to receiving salaries and cash bonuses that total $450,000, they also receive approximately $150,000 annually in restricted stock units. The stock has accumulated over the years and they’re not sure how to manage it. Yara and Alex would also like to purchase a larger home in preparation for starting a family. They are natural savers and have paid off their student loans, but are unsure of how to best manage the extra cash that is piling up.

Yara and Alex’s Primary Goals are to:

  • plan for a family
  • purchase a larger home
  • develop a strategy for their company stock

Our Approach:

  • Determined how much more house they could afford and developed a strategy for how to transition from their condo into a single family home
  • Set savings targets for emergency fund, home purchase, and children
  • Developed guidelines for how to split cash bonuses between short term savings and long term investments
  • Reduced potential taxes and diversified investments through the systematic sale of company stock
  • Developed a strategy for managing future restricted stock units and coordinated with their tax preparer to pay additional income taxes as needed
  • Completed a life insurance analysis and increased their coverage
  • Implemented a “backdoor Roth IRA” strategy to increase their allocation to tax-free accounts

The Results:

  • Yara and Alex purchased their long term home in their dream neighborhood.
  • They’ve significantly reduced their exposure to company stock. They are less anxious about what to do when they receive more restricted stock units because they have a plan in place.
  • Yara and Alex are now expecting their first child, and feel relieved that they’re prepared.

Note: The above case study is hypothetical and based on experiences with actual Financial Staples clients. No portion of this content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that they will experience the same or similar level of results or satisfaction if Financial Staples is engaged to provide financial advisory services.

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Copyright © 2016-2024 Financial Staples, LLC. All Rights Reserved.