Comprehensive Financial PlanningHourly Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Overview: An ongoing service that helps you identify your goals and provides actionable steps to achieving long term financial growth

Pricing: Annual Fee based on 1% of Income + 0.5% of Net Worth (subject to a minimum annual fee of $4,200 for individuals and $6,600 for couples)

Engagement Time Frame: Ongoing

Service Includes:

  • Discovery Meeting: A 60 to 90-minute meeting where we gain clarity on your values, financial history, and financial obstacles
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning Analysis: A review of your entire financial picture that includes an overview of your values and goals, net worth statement, cash flow analysis, recommendations in the applicable areas below, and itemized action plan
  • Plan Delivery Meeting: A 60 to 90-minute meeting to deliver Customized Recommendations, an Action Plan, and Prioritized “To-Do” List
  • Implementation: Assistance implementing action plan items and recommendations, communications, and coordination with other financial professionals
  • Annual Review Meetings: A 60-minute meeting every 4 to 6 months to measure your progress, make adjustments, and identify new action steps
  • Client Website: A personalized online dashboard that tracks your progress and a secure vault where you can store all of your important financial documents
  • Ongoing Support: Proactive communications throughout the year to address various financial topics and planning opportunities

Topics Addressed May Include:

  • Lifestyle & Career Goals
  • Life Stages (buying a home, getting married, having a baby, changing careers, starting a business)
  • Savings Goals (emergency fund, travel, education, etc.)
  • Credit Score Review & Credit Card Recommendations
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Debt Management (student loans, mortgage, credit cards, etc.)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Career Coaching (salary negotiations, career management)
  • Company Benefits Maximization (group insurance, employer-sponsored retirement plans and savings accounts)
  • Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, Restricted Stock Units
  • Estate Planning
  • Protection Planning and Insurance Analysis
  • Investment Analysis & Recommendations
  • Business Planning (start up, tax planning, cash flow management, retirement planning, liability protection)

Comprehensive Financial Planning services require a 12-month commitment.  After the initial 12 months, clients automatically switch to a month to month agreement for the duration of the relationship.  Annual fees are billed monthly or quarterly in arrears.  The income component is based on the client’s Adjusted Gross Income.  The net worth component of the calculation is 0.35% for a net worth greater than $1,000,000 and negotiable for a net worth greater than $2,500,000.  This income/net worth calculation is reviewed and revised every 2 years.  A detailed annual service calendar is available upon request. 

Hourly Financial Planning

Overview: A one-time service designed to answer 2 or 3 of your most pressing financial questions

Pricing: One-time fee starting at $1,000 ($250 per hour with a 4-hour minimum)

Engagement Time Frame: One Time or As Needed

Service Includes:

  • One or two 60 to 90-minute meetings to discuss your most urgent financial questions
  • Customized Recommendations Report summarizing the discussion and corresponding Action Plan addressing topics discussed
  • One month of email support related to the topics addressed in your Action Plan

The greater of $500 or one half the estimated fee is billed upfront, and the remaining balance is billed upon completion of the project.  If a client chooses to engage Financial Staples for Comprehensive Financial Planning within 1 month of completion of an Hourly Financial Planning session, any fees paid may be credited towards the Comprehensive Financial Planning fee.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

If you would like to learn more about how we can work together, schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.  We will discuss your planning needs, answer your questions, and determine which package is best for you.

All Complimentary Consultations are held by phone.  From there, client meetings are held by phone, video conference, or in person for clients in the metro Atlanta area.

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