Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Who is your typical client?

A. Our typical clients are early to mid-career professionals and business owners who are entrepreneurial-minded, philanthropic, and purpose-driven.  They understand the impact of developing good financial habits early and desire to find a balance between enjoying the present and planning responsibly for the future.

Q? What is the typical process for working with Financial Staples?

A. We believe that financial planning is an ongoing process.  It starts with a conversation where we gain clarity on your values, money history, and financial obstacles.  From there, we build a clear picture of where you are today and what possibilities or opportunities exist.  We then create a detailed action plan that will help you make progress towards your goals and work with you throughout the year to move you in the right direction.  As your situation changes, we reassess and make adjustments.

Q? What makes Financial Staples unique?

A. We are committed to helping clients gain clarity around their values and purpose first, then looking through that lens to see what they’re doing with their money.  Because we are in the same life stage as our clients, we are in a better position to understand their stress points around their finances and provide services that deliver the most value. Finally, the fact that we do not require investment management or sell financial products allows us to give objective advice.

Q? Can I work with you if I do not live in Atlanta?

A. Yes! While Financial Staples may meet with local clients in person, we also meet virtually via phone, Zoom, or Google Meet.  Many of our local clients also find these options more convenient.

Q? If I purchase Project-Based Services, can I add the Comprehensive Planning Service at a later date?

A. Absolutely!  Depending on the time that has passed since your project, we may credit your purchase towards the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service fee.

Q? How do I get started?

A. We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation where we can learn more about your situation and see how we can help.  Click here to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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